Getting overweight was easy, wasn't it?

I certainly didn't predict it for me. It just kind of crept up. I used to do a manual job, delivering veg which meant I was stacking vans, carrying heavy bags and boxes, up and down stairs with people's deliveries and then I became the boss. Didn't deliver anymore, stopped getting the exercise, spent more time at a desk, still eating the fried breakfasts, still having the takeaway burgers, and worse than that, I started entertaining. I was out for boozy lunches, boozy dinners and the weight just crept up and crept up.

Bad habits over time one on top of the other until I was really overweight and really unhappy. I wanted to change my weight but didn't want to change my habits. I felt that the things that were making me fat were my treats. I didn't want to let them go, I enjoyed them. Does this ring a bell? I felt I deserved these bad things, actually, what I did deserve was a far better life and a much slimmer body.

It wasn't difficult making the change, I thought it would be, but it wasn't. I soon found with time that I much preferred healthier food to unhealthy food. I just had to change those habits, I had to start making healthier choices and those choices I was making became the habits, good habits. Good habits that replaced the bad habits. That really was the way. The point is, why did I and why should you settle for a fat life when there is a much better life to be had, a slim life, where you feel comfortable in clothes, when you buy clothes to show off your body and not clothes to cover it over.

A life of confidence and feeling good. That life is there for you. You don't have to settle for the overweight life you have. Believe me, a better life is waiting for you, you don't have to settle for fat, just believe you can do it, because I know you can. If I did it working in a world of food, you can do it too. Just know what it needs, you need to firmly believe that a slim life is possible, then you have to be prepared to push for it, to organise your life to achieve it.

I've been overweight, and I'm now slim, there is no comparison. The slim life is a million times better than the fat life. I think you probably realise this, now all you have to do is go and get your own slim life. Believe me, you will absolutely love it. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Believe in your ability to transform your life and health;

2.  Replace bad habits with good ones to achieve a healthier lifestyle; and

3. Visualise your ideal self and work towards making it a reality.