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  • Make a Start

    Starting out right is an importing part of any journey.

    Logging your starting weight and measurements lets you track your progress over time and gives a little perspective and just how far you’ve come

  • Set Your Goals

    Create a focus for your wellness journey by setting Short, Mid and Long Terms Goals.

    Use our expert guidance to make sure all goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound)

Support Where it Matters

As members of GreggWallace health you’ll benefit from all the knowledge, the tools and advice that helped Gregg get to where he is today.

All our libraries, tools and advice are regularly updated and added too, ensuring that your health and wellness journey is always a priority.

  • We have hundreds of tasty and nutritionally balanced recipes available. Browse through them and start picking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

  • Use our handy meal planner tool to organise your meals. Set out what you plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day to help you stay on track and manage your diet effectively.

  • Regularly update your weight and measurements (if taken) in your account. Tracking your progress can be a great motivator and helps you adjust your goals and strategies if necessary.

  • Our membership plans have been designed to be accessible to anyone and everyone. And that goes for time too, everything has been designed to fit in around your active lifestyle.

  • Our experts are here to support you in your journey. We have regular blogs, advice and topical updates from our experts in nutrition, fitness, gut health, diabetes, menopause, fertility, behavioural medicine and ostomy.

  • Keep engaging with your members only community. An amazing group of people all committed to helping you stay on track, celebrate your wins and try out new ideas and routines.

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