Building and breaking habits On GreggWallace.Health

We encourage tracking your habits to ensure you are completely in control and aware of them. GreggWallace.Health is not a diet. In my opinion and the opinion of other experts, diets do not work. Diets are short term; they are often uncomfortable which is why so many people ask how long it is going to take me to lose weight.

They ask that because when they consider weight loss they think about a diet. So many people I speak to have lost weight on a diet only to put the weight back on when they finish the diet. This is obviously not the right way to go. The truth is, successful weight loss will take time, nobody wants to be honest about this because they want to sell you a diet.

They want you to believe there is a quick fix. Well, being hungry and not eating a great deal is obviously a quick fix to weight loss. But of course, the problem is, it’s not sustainable, you can’t be hungry forever. When you revert back to normal, the weight will come back again with a vengeance. The successful, comfortable, sustainable, and permanent way to weight loss and fitness is gradual. What you are doing over time is losing bad habits and picking up good habits. You’re retraining yourself, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

Rather than the takeaway, you cook dinner. Rather than binge drinking, you have a couple. Rather than a bag of crisps, you have a banana. You get into a routine and those routines are habit forming and those habits will stay. They become permanent, you are changing but importantly, you are changing comfortably and changing for good. What you need to do is get yourself in the head of the fit person you are becoming. I know this is difficult to grasp right now, but by the time you’ve reached goal weight, you will be a different person. Not just inside but in outlook, you will have been making good decisions for so long they will have become permanent habits.

So right now, start to think of yourself as that fit person. Start to make the choices the fit you would make. Think of yourself as the new fit you already, at mealtimes when you fancy a snack, when you’re out, when you’re enjoying a drink, what choices would the fit person make? Act like that fit person, believe it or not, you are slowly becoming that person. Please don’t worry about slipping up, honestly, I mean this. Slipping up is not a problem at all. Don’t think of weight loss and fitness as a chain of links that can’t be broken, it doesn’t work like that. Slip ups are absolutely fine, the only problem you have when you slip up is if you immediately do it again.

Bouncing back from the slip up and getting back on track, that’s what I expect you to do. The problem is compounding an error with another error. It then becomes a spiral and you just give up. There you go, words of wisdom from your weight loss guru, who has been there, done it and is now wearing the slim fit t-shirt. Start to think of yourself as the slimming you and don’t worry about slipping up.