Diet's Don't Work

Embracing Change, Not Restrictions: A Journey Towards Sustainable Health with Gregg Wallace 

Diets Don’t Work

Diets don’t work. Really, honestly… I don’t think they do. How many of us have started a diet with all good intentions to find a few weeks later, you’ve packed it in and reverted back to our old habits? I now talk to people about weight loss and fitness all the time. This in and out of different diets is a sad, recurring theme.


Why Diets Fail

Let’s explore why it is they don’t work, or at least in my opinion on why they don’t work. They are destined to fail because they are asking us to be too radical to take us completely out of our comfort zone, too often do something that is foreign to us and in many cases makes us feel uncomfortable or hungry. When we can’t keep it up, we feel we have failed, we feel like it’s all gone wrong and we stop the diet completely. We feel everything is ruined, like we’ve accidentally put a bright red t-shirt in the washing machine with a whitewash.

"You don’t have to be uncomfortable; you don’t have to be hungry; you just have to change your habits over time." - Gregg W.


The Problem with Extreme Diets

Some of the diets I’ve seen seem really uncomfortable to me. Fasting, just seems strange. That must mean for long periods of the day, people are really hungry. The idea of not eating carbs, what must meals be like without the odd potato, rice, or pasta? More importantly, if you do manage to keep it up for a while and lose weight, can you lead this lifestyle indefinitely? Can you fast or not eat carbs for the rest of your life? And please don’t forget all fruit, vegetables, and booze as carbs. If you can’t keep this up for the rest of your life, what is going to happen when you stop? Even if you have lost weight, you’re just going to pile the weight back on again. We know that, right. It has been seen many times.


Changing Habits Over Time

You do it gradually, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable, you most certainly shouldn’t be hungry. When you change your habits steadily and gradually, those changes will stay with you for the rest of your life. Without knowing it, you have become a slimmer, fitter, health-conscious individual.


"There you are, the thoughts of Chairman Gregg. Good luck everybody, be happy, be comfortable but don’t please be hungry." - Gregg W.


If GreggWallace.Health isn’t a diet, then what is it?

GreggWallace.Health is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change. Diet for me is a bad word, it sounds restrictive. GreggWallace.Health is not restrictive. It’s about teaching yourself a new way, a way full of good, healthy food that you enjoy.


You’ve Failed? So What?

You’ve been on a diet before haven’t you I can tell you know, it didn’t work did it? You know it’s not your fault don’t you? You don’t lack willpower, people aren’t cleverer than you. Neither are you lazy. You failed before because it simply wasn’t right for you. I’ve tried diets and failed. Millions of us have tried diets and failed.


Yo-Yo Dieting

We’ve all been there, on a diet off a diet, it’s a terrible way to be. It seems you’re either over eating, putting on weight and feeling bad about it. Or, you’re restricting what you eat, going hungry and feeling deprived. It seems it’s one or the other. Eating bad things and feeling guilty about it and feeling like you are missing out all the time. There is, of course another way, my way, the sensible way, the GreggWallace.Health way.


Diet’s Don’t Work – Kat

Every week there’s a new diet to follow. Some work, some don’t. You start all motivated and then get bored or completely lacking in energy and feel faint or get so sick of all the deprivation that you end up secretly binging on a whole tonne of food and then feeling bad and giving up. Does this sound familiar?


Final Thoughts

Diets don’t work! They are all about deprivation. So yes, you can follow them for a short while, but then when you fall off it’s usually spectacular and you feel guilty and then eat to get rid of that guilty feeling. And then start to eat to comfort yourself about how useless you are. Then you put all the weight back on, maybe even a little more. So, you end up miserable and feeling like a failure.

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Author: Katherine Bright MBANT, CNHC