Weight Loss Is Only Part Of The Journey

Research suggests that 95% of all dieters will regain their lost weight – if not more – in 1 to 5 years. I say this not to discourage you – but I want to share with you some changes that successful dieters all have in common to help you become that 5%.


Weight loss is not the end of the journey. If you get to your goal weight and then go back to how you were eating before then, of course, you are going to put weight back on again (and probably more). Weight loss alone is not enough, behaviour has to change for success. Many people assume that once they get to their goal weight then that change alone will spur them on to keep to that weight. However, it takes behavioural change to not only lose weight, but also to maintain that weight.

What do successful dieters all have in common?


They plan. 

Not only their meals for the week and day, but they plan ahead for when they go out, for holidays and for special occasions. This is why part of the journey at GreggWallace.Health is to get you to plan your meals. It gets you to form good habits not just for now, but for life.


They have learned how to problem solve

Successful dieters also learn how to understand when and why things go wrong. And yes they will go wrong, sometimes. So, you need to learn from your mistakes. See your mistakes as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. What makes you reach for the chocolate bar in times of stress and what can you do instead to prevent this happening in the future? In order to succeed you need to learn for yourself and come up with a strategy to help you next time.


They eat breakfast.

Yes, successful dieters don’t skip meals and they always consume breakfast. This helps to stabilise their blood sugar levels and means they aren’t crashing out from hunger. They have learned that skipping meals doesn’t equal weight loss.


They consume a nutrient-dense diet. 

We have a problem in the Western world where many people of a larger size are actually malnourished. They are consuming a diet very high in fat and sugar, but it is lacking in the vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and healthy fats needed. If you consume a more nutrient-dense diet, then you are less likely to be hungry all the time.


They are active. 

This doesn’t mean they are in the gym all the time. It means they understand that movement throughout the day is important. This can mean a daily walk, parking further away from the shops, taking the stairs rather than the lift. We are not meant to be sedentary and walking and movement throughout the day is important.


They are consistent.  

They behave in the same way again and again. They consistently eat well and move around.


They don’t diet. 

This means that they don’t have patterns of fasting followed by over-indulgence. They have learned to understand that the crash diets don’t work. Eating healthily most of the time is what works. Or as Gregg would say “being good most of the time is good enough”.


They make small changes

Habits are not developed overnight. Habits take time to form and It’s much better to make lots of small changes that make a difference rather than one large change.


A lot of what we try and help you with at GreggWallace.Health is an understanding of what it is to eat healthily. Anyone can follow a diet – but it’s the maintenance that is more important and by helping you to develop new habits we will lead you to success.

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Author: Katherine Bright MBANT, CNHC