Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story
Amanda Thomson
5ft & 5”
14st & 4lb
12st & 6lb

How long did this take?
8 months

I needed something different, a new challenge, I was stuck in a rut with SW which I followed for approximately 20 years on and off and I absolutely love GreggWallace.Health!
It’s 3 meals per day, eating filling, nutritional food and enjoying it. It changes your mindset and doesn’t feel like a diet, it’s a healthy eating regime, with excellent on hands advice from a nutritionist and a PT trainer, all for £12 per month, amazing!

It’s so easy to follow and so enjoyable, and it works! I feel so good about myself! I cannot recommend it enough! 

Thank you so much GreggWallace.Health, it's changed my mindset and I've never felt so good about losing weight. Following a plan like this has changed my life.

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Well done on your healthy weigh loss may I ask was you given a calorie deficit or macros to follow please

Donna Prentice

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