Carole’s Story

Carole’s Story
Carole Reed
41 (Ssshhh)
A huge 5ft 2
9 stone 4
8 stone 2

How long did this take?
11 weeks

My tummy was always the one part of me that I was proud of. I was slim and it was toned. I always used to wear shorter tops to show a bit of midriff. When I had my first child I was amazed how quick my stomach 'pinged' back into shape. I was really pleased. In 2017 I had my 2nd child (now 4 years old). It was a difficult pregnancy and I was in and out of hospital. I was HUGE ! I took a long time to heal and he completely wrecked my skin and my stomach muscles. I was left with this baggy, saggy, marked skin. I am aware that I should be proud as that represents my beautiful children but in myself, it wasn't what I was used to and hated looking it and I tried to hide it. I gave up on it and started thinking that there's no point, it's ruined. I ate unhealthily, piled on a stone, my clothes didn't fit properly and I couldn't find any motivation to try but I hated it.

My husband is about 3 stone over weight and he announced he had joined GreggWallace.Health. I genuinely thought I'd do it with him as some encouragement. Little did I know that I would love it, the food, the live chats, the personal touch etc and when pounds started to come off each week I was motivated to continue. My body shape was changing and I loved it. I've now lost 1 stone and 2 lb and hit my target. No my tummy is not toned (the muscles are wrecked) but my size is back to where it was and I couldn't be happier and I feel healthy too.

I enjoy GreggWallace.Health so much as it’s not a ‘diet’ it's a lifestyle change. It makes you realise your eating faults and change your mindset.
It feels personal, the team knows us personally and they are all there when needed.



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