Claire's Story

Female weight loss before and after
Claire Walter
5 ft 1
11 stone 10
10 stone 7

How long did this take?
5 months

I joined GreggWallace.Health because I felt that the real me was stuck inside an overweight, unfit body and I desperately wanted to find the old me again.
The main reason I love GreggWallace.Health is everything is so clearly explained and you are genuinely shown HOW to do everything. It feels so personal and since joining I’ve found a wonderful group of like-minded people.
It is such a straightforward way of eating and I have complete confidence that if I choose one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner I will be eating healthy balanced meals.
Something I have learnt during my time on GreggWallace.Health is that a slow and steady weight loss is by far the best.
The fact I am able to access all the help I need whether it’s about nutrition or exercise or just encouragement from others makes GreggWallace.Health completely different to any other plan out there and everyone is so kind.

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?
Please be kind to yourself, accept that this is a change for life and remember that ‘Changing ONE thing is better than changing nothing at all’


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