David's Story

David's Story
David Walter
5 ft 11 inches
19st 8lbs
15st 9lbs

How long did this take?
6 months

It’s great to have the recipes to choose from and the support of the members community without weight ins! GreggWallace.Health doesn’t require expensive unrealistic ingredients. I can pick and chose from a huge range of recipes which I KNOW have been balanced and checked to ensure they are healthy! I KNOW that this is a lifestyle change and not a DIET. This is a change of eating that I will keep for life. If I make a mistake or have something that is “off plan” I can just forget it and go straight back on plan. I can always be full and never feel hungry and I don’t need to snack. I don’t have to buy supplements or food bars or “magic” powders. It’s completely transparent and Gregg and Libby are there to answer questions and show me what to do if I am unsure. It is a complete package.

I have tried all my life to lose weight and spent all my time feeling hungry and depressed as each time I lost weight I would put it back on with more besides. GreggWallace.Health is a sustainable change to my way of eating! I know that I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life and the loss of weight is steady and consistent but almost happens without me knowing. Everyone who needs to lose weight should try this!

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?
Try GreggWallace.Health! Stick to the meals on the website! Don’t play around with them. Make small changes to start with and work your way into the plan. Maybe start by changing one meal, then two, then three. The truth is even a tiny changes can have results. Just one step at a time! Don’t expect to lose weight in 5 minutes. Don’t get hypnotised by the scales.

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