Kyle's Story

Female weight loss before and after
Kyle Bishop
57 years old
I'm 5'4"
My start weight was 13st 11lb
My current weight is 11st 5lb

How long did this take?
8 months

The whole concept of GreggWallace.Health is amazing. There is everything you need to enhance your total well being. From food intake, to exercises and mindfulness. It’s the whole shebang!
I started GreggWallace.Health as it was unique and a fresh way at looking at nutritional, tasty food with the added bonus of an exercise plan. No points or syns to count, just a well balanced diet. This, along with the Facebook group, the online support is second to none. This is my favourite thing about GreggWallace.Health, I've never had such amazing online support where there is always someone there to answer your queries at all times.

The one thing I’ve learnt from SMF is that healthy food can also taste fabulous and be fulfilling and satisfying.
I’ve also been educated in not being infatuated by my weight but to see the results in the mirror and clothing.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of different slimming groups. Most of them are packed with their own merchandise and you realise that they really are simply, just a business. Since I've joined GreggWallace.Health I've never looked back. The website is jam packed with all the advice you could wish for. The meals are so quick and easy to prepare and you get to see Gregg’s wife, Anna, show you on videos how to cook the meals!

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Kyle you look as i am at starting out, did you find it easy had hip replacement few years ago finding hard to get motivated but daughter getting married 2025 not going to be size 16/18

sandra mcaulay

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