Theo's Story

Male weight loss before and after
Theo Emery
5 foot 10
16 stone 9
14 stone 12

How long did this take?
4 months

I wanted to be healthier and active, to improve my lifestyle and gain confidence when looking in the mirror and I decided to go with GreggWallace.Health because it can be done in my own pace with no pressure or stress.

GreggWallace.Health is different to anything else out there as there’s so many options to help different people reach their own goals. I love how there’s help with not just food, but the psychological side of it too. This is such a key thing which not many people realise they need!

Joining GreggWallace.Health has taught me that I’m not alone in how I struggle with certain things! I’m not the only one who started SMF with certain habits and motivation and weight issues.

The support from the Facebook group is by far the best thing about joining, there are so many real life members who are all lovely and help boost confidence.

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