Tim’s Story

male weight loss before and after
Tim Morris
57 years old
5’ 8’’
11 stone
10 stone

How long did this take?

6 months

After losing a stone in 2020, I wanted something with a bit more structure both in terms of exercise and food advice.

My favourite recipes from GreggWallace.Health are:
Breakfast – Pastrami and tomato crispbreads;
Lunch – Falafel Pittas with Tzatziki;
Dinner – Fish stew

The variety of food options, the live workout sessions and the community support via the Facebook group are my favourite things about GreggWallace.Health, it just seems to have all areas of healthy living covered. Being able to ask questions from experts and others that are going through a similar experience on the Facebook group has been invaluable.

Do you have any words of advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?
The fact that you are looking to improve your health is a great start. GreggWallace.Health is an excellent programme with a track record of proven results!

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