Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, an NHS Gastroenterologist

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I’m Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, an NHS Gastroenterologist, Sunday Times Bestselling author of ‘The Kitchen Prescription’


Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, an NHS Gastroenterologist

I specialise in the management of acid reflux and heartburn, bloating, constipation and more. I can teach you how to optimise your gut health by feeding your gut microbes. If you are wondering what pre and probiotics are and how you can incorporate them into your diet, I have all your answers.


I have more than ten years of NHS experience and am one of the leading national literary voices on how to feed gut microbes. My work has featured in leading national publications, like the Telegraph and I regularly write recipes for food magazines. 


I understand that people are looking for food cures for their digestive health difficulties and am here to offer holistic, evidence based help.

"Being an expert in gut health, I can help you on your journey to achieving digestive help and happiness. Your gut is my passion!"

Issues Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, can assist with...

  1. Heartburn Relief Guidance: Struggling with heartburn? Let me guide you through effective relief strategies.
  2. Managing Bloating: Experiencing bothersome bloating? Discover helpful tips and dietary adjustments to alleviate discomfort.
  3. Dietary Solutions for Constipation: Need advice on what to eat for constipation relief? I can help you with tailored dietary recommendations.
  4. Understanding Prebiotics: Curious about prebiotics and their benefits? I'll explain what they are and how they impact your health.
  5. Probiotics Explained: Wondering about probiotics? Let me guide you through their importance and how they contribute to your well-being.
  6. Enhancing Gut Microbial Diversity: Looking for top tips to increase your gut microbial diversity? I can provide you with expert advice and practical steps.
  7. Fibre-Rich Diet Tips: Want to incorporate more fibre into your diet? I'll show you how to do it effectively and deliciously.

Dr Saliha's recipes from her amazing book are great for gut health but not necessarily for weight loss.


Please stick to the GreggWallace.Health recipes if your personal goal is weight loss

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