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"I believe that the journey to health is not just about what we eat, but how we eat and how we think about food. My mission is to empower you to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and work collaboratively towards sustainable solutions. I am deeply passionate about this field and committed to supporting each of my clients on their unique path to lasting health and wellbeing."

Nicola Moore DipION MBANT CNHCReg


I’ve learned so much from the 1,000+ clients I’ve worked with and the many nutrition students and graduates I have tutored and mentored. 

For me, true wellbeing is about being happy and healthy. And to be happy and healthy, we must be free to take true ownership of our decisions about what and how we eat from a place of security and peace. We need to be able to face our challenges head-on as a part of a process of growth and development, and this is what I want for you too.


Have you ever been taught how to manage all your emotions about food, your body, and your health? If the answer is no, then I hope to help you with that, here at Gregg Wallace Health.

Issues I can help you with...

I can help you stop turning to food as a source of comfort or to relieve boredom, especially when it makes you feel bad about yourself afterwards.


I can help you stop constant snacking and grazing between meals, which may contribute to weight gain and associated health issues, 


I can provide tools and support to help you understand and manage your emotions in a more positive and useful way, rather than by eating.


I can help you take a step back from over-eating foods that don't make you feel good physically or emotionally.


I can help you to start to look at food through a more positive lens, rather than you having a love/hate relationship with it, or feeling overwhelmed, confused or disconnected from it.

Arthritis Management through Nutrition

Understanding Arthritis:

Arthritis is more than just joint pain; it's a complex set of conditions that affect people in lots of different ways. At GreggWallace.Health, we're committed to demystifying arthritis and providing you with holistic, evidence-based strategies to manage your condition effectively, far beyond conventional medication.


The Pivotal Role of Lifestyle

Did you know that your daily habits can significantly influence the progression and management of arthritis? Our in-depth exploration into the lifestyle factors affecting arthritis reveals how a tailored diet, adequate physical activity, and stress management can not only alleviate symptoms but also potentially slow the disease's progression. We shed light on the profound impact that nutrition has on inflammation and joint health, providing you with actionable insights to make informed choices every day.


Nutrition for Joint Health: Demystifying Myths

The connection between diet and arthritis is often clouded by myths and misconceptions. We aim to separate fact from fiction, offering clarity on how certain foods may exacerbate inflammation while others can become powerful allies in your fight against arthritis. Our guidance is grounded in scientific evidence, ensuring you have reliable information to make dietary choices that support joint comfort and long-term wellbeing.


Unveiling the Subtypes of Arthritis

Arthritis is not a one-size-fits-all condition. Each subtype, from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis and beyond, has unique characteristics and requires a nuanced approach to management. We provide detailed insights into various arthritis subtypes, equipping you with the knowledge to understand your specific condition better and empowering you to make informed decisions about your health regimen.


Cultivating a Supportive Community

You're not alone on this journey. Our platform offers more than just information; it's a community where individuals facing similar challenges come together to share experiences, offer support, and celebrate victories, no matter how small. Engage with our supportive network, access a treasure trove of resources like recipes and meal planners tailored to arthritis management, and join discussions that inspire and uplift.


Embrace a New Perspective on Arthritis Management

With my expertise and our comprehensive resources, managing arthritis becomes less daunting and more empowering. Discover new ways to enhance your quality of life, understand your body's signals, and embrace a diet that nourishes and protects your joints. Sign up today to access the full spectrum of our arthritis management content and join a community committed to health, support, and positive change.


What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity celebrates the rich tapestry of human brains, including the diversity of conditions such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. This concept has gained traction, shifting the narrative from viewing neurodivergent individuals as "different" to recognising their unique potential. As we delve deeper into the neurodiverse spectrum, it becomes evident that our neurological makeup not only influences how we think and feel but also impacts our diet, health, and overall wellbeing.


Emerging research suggests that neurodiversity can significantly affect dietary preferences, nutritional needs, and lifestyle choices, underscoring the importance of a tailored approach to health and wellness. For instance, certain neurodivergent conditions may be associated with unique gastrointestinal sensitivities, necessitating specialised dietary considerations. Additionally, the interplay between nutrition and brain function opens up new avenues for enhancing cognitive and emotional wellbeing through targeted dietary strategies.


By integrating an understanding of neurodiversity with holistic health practices, we can unlock a wealth of opportunities to support and enrich the lives of neurodivergent individuals. Embracing neurodiversity not only fosters a more inclusive society but also paves the way for innovative approaches to diet, health, and wellbeing that celebrate and cater to the unique needs of every brain.


Dive deeper into the intersection of neurodiversity, diet, and wellbeing by becoming a member. Our exclusive content includes Neurodiversity FAQs, expert insights, and practical tips for harnessing the positive aspects of neurodiversity to enhance your health and lifestyle. 


Join us now to explore how embracing neurodiversity can lead to a more fulfilling and healthy life.

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Cut Through Diet Confusion: A Guide to Food Freedom



This digital eBook emphasises practical, sustainable eating habits, focusing on balance, moderation, and a personalised approach to dietary needs. It's an ideal guide for those seeking to understand nutrition fundamentals and achieve a balanced, mindful relationship with food.

Areas of Specialism:

You don't have to be perfect!

Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Food

At the heart of Nicola's philosophy lies a profound understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of eating and nutrition. She advocates for a compassionate approach, focusing on nurturing a positive relationship with food and steering clear of unrealistic perfection standards.

Have you ever been taught how to manage all your emotions about food, your body, and your health? If the answer is no, then I hope to help you with that, here at GreggWallace.Health