Let me start by saying this: we do not want you ever to feel hungry!

If you do, you are likely to reach for snacks that aren’t particularly healthy. So, we want you to be full. Full of good healthy food. 

Obviously, some people will be bigger than others, so we want you to be the judge of when enough is enough.  Don’t be hungry, that is the golden rule, but don’t eat until you’re stuffed either! It’s all about finding the right balance.  Stopping when you’ve had enough is, of course, a very personal decision. But we trust you to do the right thing.

As you look at the recipes, you may well feel that is not enough food for you. Fine, have double the portion. Have triple the portion if you really want!  What we’d really love you to do is pack out your plate with extra vegetables.  Just remember, don’t be hungry.


Choose one breakfast, lunch and dinner every day from our mouth-watering selection of delicious, nutritionally balanced, home-made recipes.

To help you organise your weekly meals, we have put together a food planner to help you.


We would prefer that you ate enough at your three mealtimes to not need to snack.  However, because that won’t always be possible, you should snack on veg (not potatoes).


Plan your week ahead to make sure you are prepared

Have a look through our delicious range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners by Anna Wallace and use our Weekly Food Planner to help you organise your week.

We recommend mixing up your diet as much as possible

So try not to pick recipes that have the same ingredients in throughout the day. For example, if you decide to have the Ryvita for breakfast, don’t then choose the Ryvita option for your lunch; the same goes for egg-based dishes too.

Please feel free to have add as much veg to your diet as possible

However, this does not involve potatoes.

Find a time to go shopping for the ingredients needed

Decide a time to cook your meals. This way you will avoid forgetting to make your meals and reaching for the biscuit and crisps cupboard.

Mindset / Expert Advice / Blogs

There’s no quick fix for weight loss, and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle can often require a shift in mindset. 

In this section we’ll provide tips and guidance on how to stay motivated on your journey to a healthier you.