Gregg's Blog: A Chat with Deliciously Ella

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ella Mills, the creative force behind Deliciously Ella, on my podcast, "A Piece of Cake." You can tune into this enlightening episode directly from the homepage of GreggWallace.Health.


Ella, known for her vegan lifestyle, brings an interesting perspective to the table. Contrary to what one might expect, she doesn't push veganism as a doctrine. Instead, her passion lies in encouraging everyone to incorporate more vegetables into their diets. This aligns perfectly with what we, as members of GreggWallace.Health, already understand and value—the undeniable benefits of increasing our veg intake.


Cook Once, Eat Multiple Times: A Genius Idea

One of the standout moments of our discussion was Ella's advocacy for the "cook once, eat multiple times" concept. At first glance, the idea of cooking more food than needed for a single meal might seem unusual, but it's actually a stroke of practical genius.


By preparing larger quantities, you can save the leftovers for subsequent meals, whether it's lunch the next day or dinner the following evening. This approach not only saves time but also ensures you have a healthy, home-cooked meal ready to go. Considering the weekly tally of 21 meals—seven breakfasts, seven lunches, and seven dinners—adopting this strategy can significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen, leaving you to only prepare breakfast and one additional meal daily.


My conversation with Ella was nothing short of inspiring. Her simple yet revolutionary cooking philosophy resonates with the essence of practicality and efficiency in healthy eating. I'm all in for giving the "cook once, eat two or three times" method a try, and I encourage you to do the same.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace More Vegetables: Regardless of dietary preferences, increasing vegetable intake is beneficial for everyone.
  2. Efficient Cooking: The "cook once, eat multiple times" approach is a practical and time-saving strategy for healthy eating.
  3. Inspiring Ideas: Conversations with food enthusiasts like Ella Mills can offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for everyday cooking.

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Author: Gregg Wallace