Gregg's Blog: Are Weekends Holding You Back? 

Striking a Balance Between Enjoyment and Health

Weekends: A Time for Caution and Enjoyment

I love the weekends. We all do, right? It’s our time, most of us aren’t working, but be careful, they are fraught with danger. My wobbles are always at the weekends. It’s the time I’m most likely to drink and when drinking, my normal sensible head gets a little cloudy.

I don’t want you to live like a monk or a nun. I want you to enjoy yourself, I just want you to be aware that one bad Friday night or one long social Saturday can very easily undo all the good work you may have done during the week. It can easily be the difference between losing or not losing weight that week, it can also mean you gain weight that week. Believe me, I know.

GreggWallace.Health has a slogan that says, being good most of the time is good enough. And that is true. I just don’t want you to think if you’ve been good all week, you can do what you want at the weekend. Just enjoy yourself but be careful.


The Weekend Dilemma: Research and Strategies

I’m always researching. Different weight loss methods, psychology of good health, and developing habits. I was reading lately that many people's big problem is the weekend. To be honest, this didn’t really surprise me. It’s also my nemesis, so it’s no surprise this is true for many other people.


Apparently, we find it relatively easy to be good throughout the week. Then, for some reason, I think because we’ve been good, we can do bad things at the weekend! In fact, the indulgence at the weekend can easily undo all of our good work during the week. Which means our efforts during the week are completely wasted.


If this is true for you and it certainly was true for me, we need a new strategy. We have to discover what the triggers are for doing ourselves harm. Is it somehow that we think we deserve it? What we really deserve is healthier, slimmer bodies. We’ve got to start thinking of good food as pleasurable and bad stuff as bad.


We can’t have bad weekends because we had good weeks; that simply does not work. If this is happening to you, please acknowledge it. Work out a strategy to deal with it.


Key Takeaways:

Awareness of Weekend Pitfalls: Recognising that weekends can often derail healthy habits established during the week.

Finding a Balance: Encouraging enjoyment without compromising the progress made on health and weight loss goals.

Developing Strategies: Identifying personal triggers and creating strategies to maintain healthy choices during the weekend.

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Author: Gregg Wallace