Gregg's Blog: Redefining Weight Loss Beyond Willpower and Sacrifice

This is your weight loss journey, and everybody’s journey is different. But this is not about willpower, and it most certainly isn’t about sacrifice. It is undoubtedly about a little bit of self-belief and a fair bit of organisation.


Willpower, that’s never going to work. Trying to stop yourself from eating something by willpower? I don’t think so. You may well giggle here, but what’s your ultimate test of willpower? Staring at a box of chocolates and trying not to eat them, no, it’s not willpower, forget that.


Sacrifice, that’s a strong word. What does that mean, sacrificing your pleasure? Bad food can’t be your only pleasure, if it is, we’re in a bad way. And it is no sacrifice to stop doing the things that are harming us. As soon as we wake up to the idea that they are harming us, they don’t seem so attractive.


It’s not willpower, its not sacrifice. Those two routes seem really quite tough to me. It simply is about a bit of self-belief and then a fair bit of organisation, it does need organisation, but you can do this. Consider your achievements in life so far, that didn’t happen by accident. That took planning, that took organisation, the job you do, the home you live in, the friends you meet, the holidays you go on. None of these things happen by accident. They are all of them, quite complex in a busy life but you managed it. And you can, and let me be frank here, you have to get organised over what it is you are eating.


A favourite line of mine, I know, but do not let food happen to you by accident. Plan, I’m going to say it again, please plan. On a Sunday, take some time to plan your week ahead. We have three meals every day for seven days. What are those 21 meals going to be? Where are you going to be? What are you going to eat? When are you going to buy the ingredients for those meals? When are you going to cook them? If these things in any given week are difficult, what’s your strategy to deal with them?


You have to deal with yourself like an all-consuming hobby. You have to be good to yourself, you deserve this much attention. If you do this, I promise you it will become easy and second nature. I will promise you something else right now, not only will you lose weight, you will also save yourself a lot of money. If you’re only ever buying the food that you are definitely going to eat, you will save a lot.


There you go, it takes organisation I know, but anything that’s been good in your life has taken some planning. You are clever enough to work out a plan to make you healthier and fitter than you’ve been for a long time. 


You can do it; I know you can. You also deserve it. Put time into the most important thing in your life, you.


Key Takeaways:

Weight Loss Beyond Willpower: The journey to losing weight isn't reliant on willpower or sacrifice but rather on self-belief and organisation.


The Importance of Planning: Effective weight management is significantly aided by planning your meals and organising your week, demonstrating the power of strategy over sheer will.


Economical Benefits of Meal Planning: Organising your meals not only aids in weight loss but also results in financial savings, as you only purchase what you will consume.


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Author: Gregg Wallace