Gregg's Blog: Breaking Bad Habits

Making Time for Healthy Dinners

A candid conversation reveals the challenge of breaking long-standing dinner habits for healthier choices.


In a revealing exchange with a member of GreggWallace.Health, a common struggle surfaced: finding the time to prepare a healthy dinner amidst a busy lifestyle. This member, a recent joiner of GreggWallace.Health, shared her difficulty in incorporating a third healthy meal into her day, opting instead for quick, freezer-based options due to time constraints. 


This narrative not only highlights the challenge of breaking entrenched eating habits but also emphasises the necessity of dedicating a modest amount of effort towards healthier living. Despite the perceived lack of time, the preparation of nutritious meals is both feasible and essential for achieving desired health and weight goals.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Time constraints are a common barrier to preparing healthy dinners, but reevaluating priorities can reveal opportunities to make healthier choices.
  2. Breaking long-established unhealthy eating habits requires conscious effort and a commitment to change.
  3. Preparing nutritious meals does not necessarily demand extensive time; with efficient planning, healthier dinners can be integrated into even the busiest schedules.

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Author: Gregg Wallace