Gregg's Blog: Embracing Healthy Choices, A Cornish Getaway

Making the Most of Cornwall Without the Calorie Overload

I do a live chat every weekday at 7 am and I really enjoy it. I pick a different subject each day, something to do with weight loss, health, fitness, and even psychology. I talk for 4 or 5 minutes and then people ask questions which I try to answer as best I can. And I do find it really enjoyable.


Something came up a week or so ago from a GreggWallace.Health member called Helen. I’m sure she won’t mind me mentioning her, as I’ve discussed this little problem with her live with people listening. What she said to me really got me thinking and I wrote down notes that I could discuss with her straight away the next day and I did. I’m going to now retell that 2-way conversation, because I think as GreggWallace.Health members, you will find it interesting too.


Helen said to me ‘I’m going to Cornwall with my friends, they’re all going to be eating pasties, fish and chips and ice cream. And if I don’t, they’ll think I’m not enjoying myself.’ That fascinated me, so the very next day, I said to her, ‘have your friends told you that that’s what they’re going to do? Have they specifically said they’re going to Cornwall to eat ice cream, pasties, fish and chips? Or is that what you think they are going to do or even is eating that, what you consider a trip to Cornwall to be? Even if that’s what they are considering, why are you signing up for a let’s get fat eating tour? Is there another way?’

I said, ‘have you discussed it with your friends at all? Do they know that you’re unhappy with your weight and trying to lose weight? Is it possible that you can have a nice trip down to Cornwall and not touch a pastie, fish and chips or ice cream at all? Can you instead eat crab sticks, roasted fish, and boiled potatoes with parsley sauce? Even if all your friends are eating it, are you sure they’ll be disappointed if you don’t?’


So, Helen goes away and has her weekend and messages me on these chats whilst she’s away. And messaged me when she got back. She did have some ice cream, quite right too, and guess what, she didn’t have a single pastie and neither did any of her friends. None of them had fish and chips either. What they did do was find nice little places to eat that did healthier food. She had a great weekend and was rightly chuffed that she hadn’t eaten lots of fattening foods whilst she’d been away.


I was really pleased for Helen, and I learnt something, we both did. What we learnt is there are times and places that have for us associations with fattening foods. I used to think that the rugby must be about drinking lots of beer, the cinema was about popcorn, Friday nights were about a curry. Of course, as I found out and Helen found out, all of this was just in our heads.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Challenge Assumptions: What we associate with certain experiences, like eating specific foods during a trip, might just be in our heads.
  2. Communication is Key: Discussing preferences and concerns with friends can lead to discovering healthier options that everyone enjoys.
  3. Enjoyment Doesn't Equal Indulgence: It's possible to have a great time and make lasting memories without overindulging in unhealthy foods.

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Author: Gregg Wallace