Gregg's Blog: Embracing Lifestyle Changes for Effective Weight Loss

Moving Beyond Diets to Sustainable Health Practices

I did a live chat this morning, as I do each weekday morning at 7 am on Instagram. I'm writing it up as it appeared to be well received.

I explained how I've successfully coached many people with weight loss, but I've never coached a diet! What I do is coach lifestyle.


It might sound strange that I've never coached a diet, but it's true!


The first meeting I have with someone when I'm going to help them is not to ask them what they eat, but to inquire about their lifestyle and how busy they are. Understanding what one eats is vitally important for weight loss, but it's not where I start.


If you are going to eat well to lose weight, you need to prioritise your food. It can't happen to you by accident; you can't just grab and go anymore. For the food in your life to become a priority, you have to be organised. You need to know when you are going to shop for ingredients, when you will be eating your meals, and what they will be. This will not happen without organisation.


I post my daily schedule on Instagram every day, and so many people say to me, "Wow, you are incredibly busy." I actually don't think I'm any busier than anybody else; it's just that I make a list of what I'm doing. I do that to make sure the important things happen, like work, travel, family time, and meals. I also do it to ensure that the improving things I want to happen, like exercise, nap time, and time to read.


I've learned that on people's weight loss journey, when they fall off the wagon, it's rarely because of temptation. What normally happens is their organisation collapses, and they are forced to revert to their grab-and-go snacking and takeaway habits. Organisation is absolutely critical.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Weight loss success is more about lifestyle changes than dieting.
  2. Prioritising and organising food and meals is essential to avoid falling back on unhealthy eating habits.
  3. A structured daily schedule can support maintaining important activities like exercise and meal planning, contributing to weight loss goals.


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Author: Gregg Wallace