Greggs Blog: Finding Time for Yourself

The Key to a Balanced Life

Serious question this, but how much time in a week do you devote to yourself? Break your day down for me, or the week, work out how much time you spend sleeping, how much time working, how much time looking after your family, and then draw in the gaps that are just for you. Are there in fact any gaps just for you?


If there aren’t any spaces for you, can we make them happen? This is important, I know we mostly discuss weight loss, but this is all part of it. Realising that you are a project worth spending time on, realising that you need time. Once you begin to make time for yourself, you will start to look after yourself more.


So where can this time be? Is it worth going to bed early, to get up early? To give yourself an hour before work. Can we find time in the middle of the day? How about at the end of the day? Or weekends?


If we don’t diarise time just for us, it may not happen. Prioritise it, diarise your day, break it down into segments, put in time just for you.

Now you’ve got the time in, what are you going to do with it? What would you like to do? What can you do that will relax you, stimulate you or increase your fitness or health? There’s so much you can do. Go for a walk, read a book, go for a swim, even join a gym, and just sit in the jacuzzi or have a sauna. Please please do, make time to look after you. Realise that you are worth it, realise that you are worth the effort, the more you start to look after yourself, devote time to you, the more chance it is that you will lose the weight and get the fitness that you deserve.



Q: Why is making time for myself important? A: Making time for yourself is crucial as it allows you to focus on self-care and personal development. It's not just about weight loss; it's about realising your worth and dedicating effort to your well-being.


Q: How can I find time for myself in a busy schedule? A: You can find time by organising your day into segments and identifying potential gaps. Consider waking up earlier, finding moments in the middle of the day, or allocating time on weekends specifically for yourself.


Q: What activities can I do in my personal time to improve my health and fitness? A: There are numerous activities you can engage in, such as going for a walk, reading, swimming, or even joining a gym. The key is to find activities that relax, stimulate, and contribute to your  health.

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Author: Gregg Wallace