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Food Is Medicine

Food Is Medicine

We started out three years ago as a simple weight loss site. We’ve been incredibly successful, and we will always continue in our room to help people lose weight. This is always going to be front and centre of our mission simply because without being a healthy weight, it’s unlikely That you will obtain good health in other areas.

We had no medical training no scientific background. We just told everybody what it is. I’ve done to lose weight. That was to turn my back on the diet culture and learn about healthy eating. Filling my plates with good wholesome food  Meant that I lost weight without going through the pain of being hungry.

Before I took this and showed it to everybody, I listed the help of a great nutritionist Kat. She made sure that what I was saying was correct. Helped with the development of recipes and gave us much needed credibility. I will always be very grateful for your help.

What happened next was quite incredible, we seem to get the attention of medical experts who agreed and endorsed our method. These people are now very evident on GreggWallace health.

Discuss discussing health regularly with these nutritionist and doctors along with the Man experts. I’m interviewing on my upcoming podcast, GreggWallace, a piece of cake. i’ve realised that what we are offering is so much much more than just weight loss . Not the weight loss isn’t incredibly important and remains our major mission . It’s just it’s so clear to us that there is so much more . 

Eating well eating healthily means your body is getting good Nutrition . This will bring about weight loss but it also brings so many other benefits. All of the experts that are on GreggWallace health are coming to GreggWallace health all rely on great Nutrition .

We had plants and herbs and spices long before we had chemicals, pills and injections. That doesn’t mean of course that modern medicine doesn’t work of course it does. But there is so much more that we can do to prevent illness and help ourselves to recover from illness.

We are looking right now at treating menopause conditions, health, Diabetes, fertility and even cancer prevention Through nutrition through good diet.

This is incredibly powerful you are in the right place. Please look after your health. Please take time to prepare your meals. Please fill yourself with the goodness that nature has provided us with for centuries. Please don’t fall into the trap of eating, the ultra processed garbage that lines, our supermarket, shelves, and takeaway refrigerators . You deserve better than that. 

You deserve good health!