Get Your Head into the Right Place

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Get Your Head into the Right Place

Get Your Head into the Right Place

Embracing the Right Attitude Can Transform Your Life, Health, and Happiness

It has always struck me, particularly during the times when I was carrying extra weight, that I inherently knew the do's and don'ts of healthy eating and drinking. Despite this awareness, I didn't contemplate change until I aligned my mindset accordingly.

This shift towards positive thinking or adopting the right attitude is crucial, not solely for our weight loss and wellness goals but for our overall life satisfaction, our attitudes, our outlook on the future, and consequently, our sense of wellbeing or anxiety.

Years ago, my journey into self-improvement began with self-help books. I devoured them with great enthusiasm, took detailed notes, and found myself purchasing more and more. However, I soon realised a contradiction among these guides; they didn't all echo the same sentiments but proposed varying life strategies. My solution was straightforward: discard the ones that didn't resonate with me and delve deeper into the works of authors whose perspectives I valued. To this day, I carry a folder brimming with the most impactful insights I've gathered from these reads.

At the forefront of this folder lies a sheet of paper, adorned with notes I review every morning without fail. This routine has been a cornerstone of my daily life, proving invaluable during my weight loss journey. I've coined this ritual as my "morning questions," inspired by the insights of Tony Robbins, a renowned international author and life coach. These questions have not only been a catalyst for my personal transformation but have also supported me in my fitness endeavours. I encourage you to embrace this practice and witness its transformative power in your life.

So, as you embark on each day, ponder these questions:

  1. What am I going to excel at today?
  2. What brings me joy?
  3. What am I looking forward to?
  4. What achievements am I proud of?
  5. What am I thankful for?
  6. What am I thoroughly enjoying at the moment?
  7. What am I wholeheartedly committed to?
  8. What do I cherish?
  9. Who cherishes me?
  10. What am I consciously choosing not to do?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mindset Alignment: Understanding the importance of aligning your mindset for successful lifestyle changes.
  2. Selective Learning: The value of discerning and focusing on self-help material that resonates with your personal beliefs and goals.
  3. Daily Reflection: The power of starting each day with a set of questions to foster a positive and purposeful outlook.