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This is a subject that constantly comes up. I’ve always maintained that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight. I need to repeat that to you. You don’t need to exercise to lose weight.

This is important because in my experience many people are very nervous about exercise. I’ve now been helping people for over three years and I know many people are scared of trying to lose weight because they think they have to exercise.

I say this and then lots of people turn on me and say but you’re in the gym every day. Yes, I am in the gym five days a week; however, I don’t go in there to lose weight. I go in there to develop my muscles, bigger chest, bigger arms, lean legs – hopefully one day, who knows, maybe a six pack. All of those reasons yes, but never ever do I go in the gym to lose weight.

There are many, many benefits to exercise, mental as well as physical. Exercise produces a natural high and it of course boosts your cardiovascular, it strengthens your body. There are many benefits, but don’t ever please make the mistake of thinking you have to exercise to lose weight – you don’t.

It’s worth here, drawing a distinction between exercise and activity. Medical experts, whose opinion I trust, tell me the boosting activity is important for overall health. It’s especially important to maintain the weight losses you may have made.

Activity, though, can be going for a walk, walking to the shops, riding a bicycle, playing with the children, or gardening, splashing around in the pool – all of those things are great, but none of them require you to wear gym gear.

Let me share with you the thoughts of a very clever man. I was fortunate enough to be engaged in a long conversation with Dr. Giles Yeo.

This man lectures on genetics and obesity at Cambridge University, and this is what he said to me about exercise and weight loss.

Exercise is the worst way to try to lose weight! Consider this: an average chocolate bar is probably 250 calories. To burn off 250 cal in the gym, you’d probably need to be on a treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes.

30 minutes on a treadmill for one chocolate bar. That doesn’t include the biscuits on the sofa, that doesn’t include the takeaway pizza, that of course doesn’t include the glasses of wine in the evening.

There is only one way to guarantee sustainable, achievable weight loss, and that is to learn to eat healthily.