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Gregg's Blog - Cancer and Obesity

Gregg's Blog - Cancer and Obesity

Katherine Troy Goddard sent me an article on Sunday morning in the Telegraph newspaper. I want to thank her for this. It was disturbing but a bit of a wake up call.

There is a clear link between obesity and almost 50% of all cancers! That is extraordinary, isn’t it? And a little bit worrying.

There has been an academic study by Lund University of over 3 million people for more than 30 years. The research is quite clear and I’ll repeat it again. There is a clear link between obesity and 50% of all cancers.

Now we are fully aware of the dangers of smoking and thankfully fewer and fewer people now smoke. However, we have rising rates of obesity.

I originally wanted to lose weight for purely cosmetic reasons. I work on television and didn’t like the overweight Gregg I was seeing on my telly. There was so much interest from the press and the public about my weight loss system that I launched GreggWallace.Health.

After helping people lose weight through healthy eating I started to attract the attention of medical experts who not only endorsed my methods but explain to me the other incredible benefits of good nutrition.

I was delighted that GreggWallace.Health wouldn’t just be helping people lose weight , but it brought about so many other health benefits too.

I just didn’t realise how dangerous being overweight was. Please, if you are overweight do put in the effort to change we have a tried and tested system you can do this. You need to do this.