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Gregg's Blog - Coffee Shop Man

Gregg's Blog - Coffee Shop Man

I’ve discussed Coffee Shop Man on my live Instagram but for those of you that don’t catch them I thought I would write it down in a blog because I think it’s enlightening and I believe it’s a really important message.

On Sunday I went to the coffee shop in town with my wife Anna. Anna had a pot of herbal tea and I had an Americano. Just nice for the pair of us to spend some time together, sometimes it’s breakfast, sometimes it’s just a cup of coffee and a chat.

Beside me in the queue are a couple on motorbikes and the guy was certainly overweight they then sat next to us in the coffee shop in the window.

The chap had ordered a cappuccino and a cake and when he opened his bag to get his credit card out, he had a KitKat in there.

Now, you may be thinking, "so what, cup of coffee, cake, chocolate snack, it's harmless, it’s just a treat right?"

Anna, once we left, added up the calories of what they've had, it was 750 cal this is a problem. It looks at first sight to be relatively harmless, but it’s a big problem and I’ll tell you why...

The guy is overweight, I don’t know him but he’s overweight, that means there is a potential problem with this man’s health, especially as he gets older.

He’s consuming lots of calories, not to mention the sugar and fat but lots of calories. The big problem is, the calories he’s consuming in the KitKat, the cappuccino and the cake will not fill him up. This means he is going to have to consume more calories to fill himself up otherwise he’ll be hungry.

In an attempt to fill himself up, he continues to eat more snacks. The problem is going to multiply, he is going to continue to put more and more calories in his body than his body will burn off the body. Will then store those calories more and more fat making him heavier and heavier and more inclined to serious illness.

This behaviour could so easily be changed. 700 cal is a lot of calories. I can put 500g of food into my body healthy food at breakfast that will really fill me up and will be less than 500 calories. I won’t need to top them up with snacks or more food because I will be full until lunchtime.

The calories that I will consume during the day to make me feel full and comfortable and enjoy my food. My body will burn off.

I really hope this makes sense. This is the danger of what appears to be a harmless treat. It is far from harmless. It is putting calories into your body that your body will not burn off. It won’t burn them off because you have to keep putting more calories in because you are putting calories heavy, fat and sugar snacks into your body that won’t fill you up.

Eat well, enjoy your food. Love food like I do that loves you back and doesn’t harm you.