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Are you a food lover? I am! I absolutely adore food. I’ve been tasting it and judging it on the television for 20 years. Everybody can clearly see my passion for great food.

The question is for you. Do you love your food? But importantly, does it love you back? I am proof that you can love food and be a healthy weight. I am at the moment 12 stone and 3 lbs...

I’m going to use my wife Anna as an example here, I post lots of pictures of my Anna on my Instagram. I know it’s a personal thing but I think she’s beautiful, look at her shape. She is always slim and well.

Anna has never been on a diet in her life and Anna has never entered the gym or done any form of exercise so how is it? I love food and I’m a good weight and let me tell you  Anna as an Italian and a great cook loves her food as well. The pair of us eat really well and we eat big portions of food.

There are millions of slim people who enjoy their food, there are millions of slim food lovers so how are they managing it? How am I managing it? How is Anna managing it?

We don’t eat crap, we don’t have takeaways (or very rarely, maybe 10 a year), we don’t snack, we don’t have crisps, we don’t have chocolate balls, we don’t have biscuits, we may dip the odd biscotti into a glass of Vin Santo but that’s something else.

Eating takeaways and snacks and ultra processed convenience foods does not make you a food lover. In fact, I would argue it’s the complete opposite!

I think somebody who loves their food wants to taste fresh ingredients, wants to saver bold flavour, wants colour on their plate, wants to experience new tastes and textures. That’s what we do.

You can accomplish all of these things. You can be a proper food lover. You can really enjoy your food. I mean absolutely love your food! You can become a more accomplished cook at the same time. You can also lose a lot of weight and feel better and healthier than you ever have before!