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Ladies and Cake

Ladies and Cake

I am a member of a private members club close to Marble Arch in central London. Its name is Home Grown.

I was in there yesterday and I chatted to a lady that I’ve met on a number of occasions. In fact I’ve shared a glass of wine with her once or twice. She was with another lady and they were sharing a pot of tea and some cakes.

These are professional ladies who run their own businesses. They are hard-working, incredibly bright and successful. They are also not the weight or shape that they want to be. I don’t judge people. I know this to be a fact because they told me so.

One of the ladies asked me how I kept the weight off, she complimented me on how well and slim I looked and then asked me how I did it. We had a lovely conversation and a bit of a giggle about this. I will now, as accurately as I can convey this happy giggly chat.

I said to them, "you are bright people, do you not know how to lose weight?" in a happy way with a smile and they smiled back. I asked them if they had been on diets before and of course they had. I explained that I thought it was a crazy idea to do a diet... something really restrictive and uncomfortable for a couple of months or before a holiday and then I asked what was supposed to happen once they had the holiday. Were they supposed to put all the weight back on again? They both started laughing.

They asked me about fasting. They said that seems to be the fashionable thing to do right now. I said, in my experience that normally meant the people didn’t have breakfast. I said I hated the idea of fasting because, like a diet, it wasn’t sustainable. Why embark on something you know you won’t be able to keep up? The giggling between me and the ladies continued. Obviously what I was saying to them made so much sense it was comical!

I went onto explain how it is that I lost weight and maintain the weight loss now. I said I eat lots and lots of food, but what I don’t eat are snacks and takeaways and what you probably won’t find me eating is cake. I said the secret is to put a lot of food inside you that isn’t full of calories and the things to avoid are the cake that is only a small bit of food, containing a lot of calories that won't fill you up.

What really surprised me and I told the ladies, was how clever, strong willed business people, completely in charge of their business life with amazing careers were completely at a loss when it came to their own bodyweight. I explain to them that the experience was completely typical and people honestly didn’t have a clue.

I know they enjoyed the chat. They were giggling smiling and nodding their heads and I do hope I’ve helped them. That’s what we do here at GreggWallace.Health... we help people, in a happy way with a smile on our face!