Gregg's Blog: Love Your Food

You love food, I love food, the world is full of food lovers.


Quite frankly, who isn’t a food lover? It’s wonderful isn’t it? Delicious flavours, sumptuous, textures, and fabulous aromas. It fills us up it delights us it makes us feel comfortable, what’s not to like?


It’s really okay to love food. The point is, is the food we are consuming loving us? It’s an interesting question isn’t it?


We have to get into a two-way loving relationship with food like any relationship. It only works if both parties are giving and receiving  in equal measure. The sort of nurturing relationship that develops when you take it for granted that you are doing each other good


Sounds like matchmaking doesn’t it? A bit of a love story. But that’s what we need.


Love the food that loves you back . Not the food that makes you overweight and unhealthy. Don’t give up your love of food. Just make sure it’s loving you back


Embrace all that is fresh and good and healthy develop this relationship. Make it central to your life. Love your food. Just make sure it is loving you in return.

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Author: Gregg Wallace