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Gregg's Blog - Making The Right Choices

Gregg's Blog - Making The Right Choices

We all of us have choices to make, every single day every hour of every day we are making choices. Where do we spend our time? What should we drink? Should we take a break?

Our weight and our body shape right now is a direct consequence of the choices we have made.

Our weight isn’t a consequence of bad luck, metabolism, bad knees or genetics. It is a direct consequence of the food drink and lifestyle choices we have made.

I’m not telling you off, we all make mistakes and that’s fine. We’re only human. It’s great if we learn from our mistakes, but often we keep on repeating them.

This is in no way bad news! In fact this is very good news indeed and I will now tell you why...

If our weight and our health has suffered through bad choices of course to be slim, healthy and full of vitality, we have to just start making good choices! Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that empowering? It most certainly empowers me.

We can start to make better choices whenever we want, we can have the body we want, we can feel a lot better and a lot healthier when we fancy making that change.

Why would we not?  Why would we choose overweight or unhealthy? It really is this simple people. You are choosing the lifestyle that you have. If you are overweight right now, is that honestly what you want to be? Do you really consider it far too difficult to change? It isn’t, it really isn’t.

Make that choice! Choose healthy, choose slimmer, please don’t choose overweight!