Gregg's Blog - The 5 Stages of Change

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Gregg's Blog - The 5 Stages of Change

Gregg's Blog - The 5 Stages of Change

In order to get ourselves from overweight to slim and healthy, obviously we have to change, we know this yet we find change so difficult... why is this?

We are creatures of habit we love routine. We pick up good habits, we pick up bad habits and they stay with us. They become our lifestyle. In the end we don’t see chocolate bars and crisps on the sofa as doing us harm, we somehow perceive them as a treat even though we are aware that they are damaging our health. The same as excessive alcohol or smoking.

I use a tool and it’s called "your why".

Before you embark on the change, I want you to write down on two separate pieces of paper:

  • Why is you are unhappy with your current state
  • What it is you would truly love to look like and truly love to feel?
These are powerful bits of paper and you draw on this resource, when you need it.

The first step in change is uninformed optimism. You are really fired up for the positive change. You are going to make to your life but you’re not sure on what it’s gonna take to get there.

Second step is informed pessimism. You now know what it’s going to take to achieve your goal and you’re not sure that you can do it.

The third stage is the valley of despair when you’re finding it difficult and you can’t see much of a change. Now most people go through the steps, but how long you spend in the valley is personal to you. It’s at this stage where you draw on your why, your personal powerful notes, these will get you out of the valley.

The next step is informed optimism. This is really good news. You’ve had a few wobbles but you’re now fully aware of what it takes to achieve your goals and you know, despite the odd setback that you can do it.

The fifth and final step is actually fulfilment and happiness. That you can clearly see a difference in you and you are on your way to a sunny happy healthier place.