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Gregg's Blog - Weekends

I’ll tell you what I do hear a lot. “I’m really good during the week but mess it all up at the weekend!“

How true is this to a lot of us? What happens? How is it that we can live well and be healthy Monday to Friday and then spoil everything on a Friday night and a Saturday?

I’m guessing it’s because we’ve worked all week and we see the weekend as a time to enjoy ourselves. Well, absolutely nothing wrong with that concept. However... Why does that enjoying ourselves have to mean being unhealthy?

Has the week we’ve just had been so terrible? Has the food we’ve been eating not been enjoyable? Is life not good without alcohol?

I can clearly see what’s happening here. Get home on a Friday evening after a week of work and think "that’s it, open a bottle of wine! Okay, let’s open another bottle now. Let’s not make anything to eat. I’ve cooked all week. Let’s have takeaways instead."

Does any of this sound at all familiar?

I’ve been guilty of this in the past! Not so much about takeaways as they went out of my diet ages ago and the more I cooked, the easier cooking got and the better at it I got, the more I enjoyed my food and less and less I wanted the rubbish takeaway. On the other hand drinking was always a different matter.

I enjoy a drink. I always have, it’s been my Achilles heel, but I have learnt to manage it and manage it really well. I did that with the help of my wife Anna and her approach to drinking. I’ve written about it extensively, in other blogs and posts.

I want to enjoy myself weekends. Well, to be honest, I want to enjoy myself all of the time but I do understand how weekend should be different, should be relaxing, should be fun.

But I still don’t see why the weekend should be unhealthy. There are so many things that I like to do that feel like a treat, that doesn’t include chocolate bars, huge amounts of booze and fatty takeaways. Identifying the problem is more than halfway to solving it.

What can you do? What's a "treat" that’s not unhealthy? Personally, I love time set aside to spend time with the family. I love curling up on a sofa watching a movie. One of my biggest treats is sitting in a big armchair with a mug of tea reading a history book. I love playing my strategy war games on the computer, something I don’t get a chance to do during the week. To be honest , I just love spending time with my beautiful wife.

If I contemplate a perfect weekend that’s different to my week at work, I want it to be incredibly pleasurable; I could choose so many things to do that had nothing to do with fish and chips, pizza or rosé wine. Of course as always, those decisions are down to you.