Your Body Will Crave What You Give It

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Your Body Will Crave What You Give It

Your Body Will Crave What You Give It

I’m gonna give you a bit of wisdom from my Italian mother-in-law, Rina. She said last night your body will crave what you feed it. I looked up and I said to her that is genius. I need to write this down.

But she’s absolutely right and I’ll explain.

We as humans like routine what we do regularly feels comfortable to us habits if you like.

Now, if you sit on the sofa every night and eat a flake, your body is going to get used to that it’ll look forward to it it’s a habit it’s a routine and we are creatures of habit.

If you stop having that flake, you may feel uncomfortable for a couple of days, but if you replaced the flake with some pineapple chunks in yoghurt, it wouldn’t take too long before that was your routine. Are you following me? 

I’ll give you another example. My wife now isn’t eating meat. I still eat meat, but as a consequence I eat more vegetarian dishes than I ever did. It was slightly unusual at first, but now I really look forward to them. They feel healthy and wholesome. In fact they’re delicious. Are you following me?

If you have a fry up for breakfast every day and then stop it may feel like you’re missing out. If you replace that fry up with a bowl of porridge with maple syrup, how long will it take before that breakfast that New breakfast has become your new routine? Are you following me?

You may well have developed habits. You may well be in routines that aren’t particularly healthy , but feel to you like real treats even though they are making you overweight.

These routines these habits you had to get into. They didn’t happen on their own. The same way you got into bad habits you can get into good habits, and it doesn’t take very long at all . That’s good news isn’t it?

Rina was absolutely right when she said your body will crave what you give it. Please start giving it wholesome, start, giving it nourishment look after your body.