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Gregg's Blogs - Kevin Hall

You probably haven’t heard of Kevin Hall. I must admit, neither had I. He’s a scientist and he did some incredible research work around ultra processed food and weight gain. I’m going to share with you his findings.

Kevin took a group of people and moved them into a location where they all lived together for a month. In the groups were people of different ages, different occupations, different backgrounds and different sizes.

Every meal time, breakfast, lunch and dinner, they had a buffet with lots of choice and were told they could eat whatever they wanted.

For the first two weeks they were served nothing but fresh and wholesome food lean meats, carbs, most certainly fair bit of dairy and plenty of fruits and vegetables. All the meals were cooked for them and there was a big variety. Nobody was hungry and everybody ate whatever they wanted.

What amazed everybody was the everybody in this two week period lost weight. Nobody was hungry. Everybody ate as much as they wanted three times a day and people lost weight!

For the next two weeks people still ate from a buffet three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but this time all the meals were made up of ultra processed foods, microwave meals, takeaways snacks and packet ready meals.

Guess what? Yeah, it’s inevitable isn’t it? Everybody ate whatever they wanted, everybody was full up and everybody gained weight.

What does this tell you? Nobody in the first two weeks was hungry but they all ate proper food.

The problem with your takeaways, the problem with your snacks and the ready meals that you grab on your way home is they are full of rubbish. They’re not healthy, you have to eat more of them to fill yourself up, therefore you eat more calories.

Look, it’s so simple isn’t it really? You don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. The experimental group with Kevin Hall were never hungry. You do, however, need to learn how to cook easy meals and you do need to be organised to make sure that the ingredients are in your kitchen.

If you don’t, what’s the alternative?