Gregg's Blog: Mastering the Art of Lunch on the Go

Taking lunch to work is more than just a routine; it's a chance to fuel your body and enjoy a midday break with a meal that satisfies. Our lunch options are not only delicious but can also be pre-made, allowing you to take pleasure in a homemade meal at work. Explore our variety of lunches that cater to your busy schedule and palate here.


Covid reshaped our work environments, with many of us setting up offices at home. The shift implied more time for lunch preparations, yet the reality often tells a different story. For those still commuting, the challenge of finding a nutritious meal near your workplace persists, underscoring the importance of meal planning.


The Ideal Solution: Morning Meal Prep

Preparing your lunch, be it a sandwich, salad, or a warm dish, is the optimal choice. Modern airtight containers provide the perfect vessel for your culinary creations, keeping them fresh until it's time to dine. If you're bringing a cooked meal, these containers are microwave-friendly, ensuring a warm, enjoyable lunch. Success in this endeavour boils down to effective planning. Whether it's finding a few moments in the morning or some time the night before, a little preparation goes a long way.


No Prep? No Problem!

If you find yourself at work without a packed lunch, worry not. The key to a satisfying midday meal lies in choosing foods that are both nourishing and fulfilling, steering clear of the temptation to snack. Instead of resorting to fast food, consider a visit to a nearby store or supermarket. Here, you can assemble a meal to your liking, ensuring not only its deliciousness but also its nutritional value. 


When in a pinch, my go-to is a combination of brown bread or Ryvitas with pre-cooked meats or smoked fish, complemented by a generous serving of salad or raw veggies and a tangy sauce. And yes, indulging in these wholesome ingredients is not just permissible but encouraged.


Steer Clear of Quick Fixes

The lure of convenience foods like crisps, pastries, and pre-packaged sandwiches is strong, but there's always a healthier alternative. The essence of a good lunch is in its planning. If prep time is scarce, use your commute to strategize your lunch purchase, focusing on meals that are enjoyable, vegetable-rich, and satiating.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Preparation is Key: Taking a few moments to prepare your lunch can transform your midday meal from mundane to magnificent.
  2. Healthy Choices Abound: Even without pre-made meals, supermarkets offer a range of ingredients to craft a satisfying, nutritious lunch.
  3. Enjoyment is Essential: Choose lunches that not only fuel your body but also delight your taste buds, ensuring a meal you'll look forward to.

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Author: Gregg Wallace