Gregg's Blog: Mastering Healthy Habits While Travelling

It’s not easy to eat healthily when you’re travelling. I’ve been on the road now for 2 weeks. You don’t have the ability to make your own meals, so what do you do? Well, this is what I’ve learnt… 


  • Try not to get hungry. Still, try and eat your 3 decent-sized meals a day, if you get to the airport or the train station and you’re hungry, your choices are limited. 
  • Fill yourself up at meal times still, try to not snack otherwise you will be tempted to reach for the chocolate and the crisps out of convenience. 
  • Breakfasts: Fill yourself up! Have a big bowl of porridge made with unsweetened soy milk, almond milk or oat milk, sweeten it with a little bit of honey if you need. Have poached eggs, not fried eggs. Have ham, not bacon. Have tomatoes, not beans. Try and stay away from sausages. Omelettes are good and so is fruit and yoghurt but please do fill yourself up, don’t pick at the sticky pastries. 
  • Lunches and Dinners: There are healthy options on here. Try to choose lean proteins, that’s meat that doesn’t have a lot of fat. Fillet steak rather than ribeye. Pork shoulder steaks rather than pork belly. Chicken breasts are great. Fish, any fish is fantastic but not always the cheapest option. If I have fish from a chip shop, I take the batter off and always, if you can, fill yourself up with as many vegetables as you can. 
  • Drinks: Well, this is up to you. What I like to do is plan when my drinking is going to be. Look at your diary, look at the nights you are going to be away and choose which nights are going to be your drinking nights. Spirits with a mixer is better than beer or wine. Wine with soda is better than wine on its own. And when drinking, try to drink the same volume of water as you do alcohol.

 “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” - Dwayne Johnson. 


It's not easy when you’re travelling, I have to admit that I struggle sometimes but as always, what’s important, is that we do the best we can.


Key Takeaways:
1. Maintain regular meal times to avoid unhealthy snacking;

2. Choose healthier alternatives for your meals, focusing on lean proteins and vegetables; and

3. Plan your drinking nights and try to balance alcohol consumption with water.

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