Prioritising Health In A Busy World

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Prioritising Health In A Busy World

Prioritising Health In A Busy World

Prioritising your health in a busy world. 

I may have mentioned to you that I have a Podcast due to come out at the end of Jan and it’s called GreggWallace a piece of cake. I interview influential people in the world of health and well-being. The idea is that they educate me in their particular field i.e. sleep breathing exercise and I say at the end there you have it a good night. Sleep is a piece of cake.

I interviewed a charming Australian lady who, before she got into her health and fitness business used to be an international model and had developed a really bad relationship with food  She got together with friends wanted that scenario to change and now has a very successful business.

Something she said to me, I asked her to repeat because I thought it was so profound, and it’s true of all of us to a lesser or greater degree.

 She said "a few of us make our personal health, a priority, we’re always too busy. Other stuff in life is more important. We’re always going to do something about our weight after Christmas after our birthday or after a holiday."

We don’t pay enough attention to our overall health  Until our health begins to suffer. At this point and often too late, we realise that all the other things that we thought were important are impossible to do without our health. Our health is the most important thing in our lives.

This is so true without good health, we can achieve nothing. life is miserable without good health. Please please do consider yourself worth the effort. 


Look after you look after your health.