The Fallacy of Quick-Fix Diets, A Conversation with Laura Henshaw

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The Fallacy of Quick-Fix Diets, A Conversation with Laura Henshaw

The Fallacy of Quick-Fix Diets, A Conversation with Laura Henshaw

I host some fabulous guests on my podcast. If you’re interested, it’s called 'GreggWallace a piece of cake'. 

This week, I had a wonderful Australian lady called Laura Henshaw. She was talking about the subject of being body positive, and the very uncomfortable, I thought, sad relationship she had with food as a model in her younger years. This conversation led on to weight loss and dieting and what she said I thought was so interesting. I’m going to share it with you here now. 

She, like me, doesn’t believe in dieting in any way. What she believes, as I do, is in small changes to your lifestyle that are lasting. She said consider for a moment the crazy world of dieting. Where you do something dramatic and really uncomfortable for a short space of time before a special event or a holiday, but particularly a wedding. Now, she said, imagine you do something really dramatic and you lose some weight so you can fit into that dress on that special day. Now what you’ve done is something dramatic to lose that weight that you can’t maintain. Now what’s going to happen is as soon as that event is over, you are going to put on weight again. She said that’s bad enough, but consider this, and it was something that I had never considered. What you now have is a photograph of you how you really want to be. You’re not that size anymore, but you have a constant reminder of your failure. A constant sad reminder of the shape that you really want to be. She said this isn’t healthy, not physically or mentally. 

There you have it, please do not do something ludicrous and dramatic that you can’t maintain. Don’t try to lose weight just for an occasion, please do try to lose weight in a methodical and comfortable way that you can maintain. That isn’t uncomfortable, that changes your lifestyle so that you get slim and stay slim forever.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Quick-fix diets for special occasions are not sustainable and can lead to weight gain after the event., 
  2. Such diets can also lead to a constant reminder of 'failure', impacting mental health., 
  3. The healthy approach to weight loss involves making small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.