Gregg's Blog: The Power of Incremental Improvements, A Guide to Personal Growth

What can I do better? 

It’s always beneficial to pause and reflect on your progress. Sit down with a pen and paper, I’m a great advocate for jotting down notes, compile a list of what’s going well and identify areas where there’s scope for enhancement. Be honest with yourself, I always believe your conscience is your best guide. 


The positive aspects, that’s fantastic, you don’t need to work on those. What you need to concentrate on is the stuff that’s not so great. Don’t attempt to tackle all of them at once, this is unrealistic, select just one of them and jot down ideas on how you can improve that situation. Once that’s no longer in the negative column (and I don’t care how long it takes), move on to the next issue. ]


Small steps in the right direction add up to a significant successful journey. But remember, any journey is made up of small steps. Whatever you can do to slightly change a bad situation is a massively positive move. The first step, of course, is identifying what the issues are, write them down. I learnt this from Danny, my personal trainer. I’ve worked with him for 4 years; I follow a 5 day a week weights and exercise programme. He once told me, “we’re going to start off quite moderately and what I want you to do is improve just one of the exercises every day by a small amount”. I chose which exercise and I either had to do it quicker, for longer or increase the weight. It didn’t matter how small that change was, but one exercise every week had to improve. 


Looking back, after just a couple of months at how much I had improved, was incredible, but the changes at the time were so small I never noticed. There you are, first identify what the issues may be, pick one of them and decide how you are going to improve it. Try this exercise once a week.


Key Takeaways

1. Self-reflection is key to identifying areas of improvement, 

2. Focus on one issue at a time for effective improvement, 

3. Small, consistent changes can lead to significant progress over time

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