Gregg's Blog: The Power of Reflection - Taking Stock of Your Life's Direction

Be reflective and take stock.

It’s always worth stopping, sitting down, having a think and looking at the direction you are going. Is everything ok? Could you do it better? Are you even happy in the direction you are going? We do tend to march on with the same patterns, with the same rhythms and because we’ve always done it that way, that’s the way we do it. It’s good to stop and reflect. 


In Stephen Covey’s international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he chooses reflection as one of the habits of truly successful people. He draws an imaginary scenario, I’ll draw it for you, it really makes me smile. A team of people are cutting a path through a thick forest. A new manager comes in with a more thorough method, he breaks the people into teams, some to chop the trees, some to sharpen the axes, some to rest and some to prepare refreshment. They are far more productive than they’ve ever been, chopping down trees faster than ever, clearing a path for themselves. But one person takes time to stop and think, climbs up a tree to look down at the progress and yells “stop! We’re going the wrong way”.


I really like that. Every morning, over your coffee, or in the shower, and every evening after dinner or before bedtime, consider the day ahead, consider the day you’ve just had, did it all go well? Are there hazards approaching? What can you do better? How can you enjoy it more?


Key Takeaways:

1. It's important to take time to reflect on your life's direction;

2. Break from routine to reassess your path; and

3. Consider daily events and potential improvements you can make.

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