Gregg's Blog: The Secret to Healthy Weight Loss, Never Go Hungry

There is no reason for you to be hungry when you are losing weight. 

It simply isn’t true that you have to starve yourself. I never ever want any member of GreggWallace.Health to be hungry or uncomfortable. What I want you to do is fill yourself up with good food. We have hundreds of recipes on GreggWallace.Health that have all been checked by our nutritionist, Kat. You can eat as much of these recipes as you want! People often ask me about willpower, and I think they mean, how do I stay away from the cakes, crisps, or chocolate bars. It’s simple, you don’t need willpower if you don’t fancy a naughty nibble and you won’t fancy that nibble if you’re not hungry and you won’t be hungry if you’re full up. 


By now you must be getting my point! 

Please don’t ever be hungry. If you get hungry, you are likely to make bad choices. If you skip breakfast, by mid-morning you are going to be looking for a pastry or a sausage sandwich. Eat more of our recipes, fill yourself up. Don’t ever leave the table hungry. Obviously don’t leave it stuffed, being barely able to move but please don’t leave the table hungry. Finish your meal feeling comfortably full. This may mean eating more than one portion of our recipes and this is completely fine. Everyone is a different size and shape and so require a different amount of food to keep them full. We would rather you eat more of our recipes and not snack between meals! Just take time every week, every day to decide what your meals are going to be and when you are going to make them. And then make sure the portions are big enough to fill you up. It’s that simple, believe me. 


Don’t restrict what you eat. 

Now, when I was bigger, I didn’t always like to eat in front of people. I used to go without which meant I was hungry, which meant when I did get a chance to eat, I often binged or grabbed for the wrong sorts of foods that are full of calories that don’t fill you up, so you’re hungry again soon after. Even if you are a bit embarrassed by your size, you’ve got to eat regular meals, it’s ok to eat in front of people. It’s never good to go hungry. Something I did and a mistake lots of people make, is to not eat if they have got a big meal coming up. Don’t do this to yourself, if you’ve got a big lunch or dinner coming up and you starve yourself during the day, you’re going to be ridiculously hungry by the time you do eat, and the chances are you’ll order too much or eat the wrong things. You’ve got to get into the habit of eating three good meals a day. Even if you are going out, have breakfast, have lunch, make it slightly lighter if you like but don’t skip a meal completely. It’s not good for you and not only that, but it’s also uncomfortable. 


Better weather is approaching us, we’re more likely than ever to be going out for lunches or dinners. There are always good healthy foods to eat on restaurant menus, pick the lean proteins, moderate the carbs, pile high with the veg. You can do this; I know you can. But please, please don’t skip meals, get into the habit of eating three meals a day. Now off you go, enjoy your food. You have to eat, do not be hungry: Getting fitter, getting healthier shouldn’t be complicated. We give you lots of advice, I know, but quite simply, it boils down to what we eat. Don’t focus on anything else, exercise if you want and I am a big fan of exercise, it can speed up weight loss, it can put you in a great frame of mind, but more important than that, much more important, in fact, vital, is what we eat. 


Let’s get basic about this.

We have to eat to live, right? We are going to eat anyway, that’s nothing new. That’s not introducing some unusual process, we’re going to eat. We love to eat; we have to eat. Great. Next step. If we accept that we’re going to eat, then all we have to do is focus on what we eat. Don’t skip meals. Make eating three meals a day your routine. You can organise this, you’ve organised far more complicated things in your time, that I’m sure of. Have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner. It really needs to be as simple as this. Now we’re eating three meals a day, all we have to do is find the meals from the extensive list on GreggWallace.Health that we like. Don’t amend them, add to them, don't introduce something else instead, just stick to them. It’s a simple as this. 


If you feel the need to snack, it may well be you’re not eating enough at mealtimes. Up your portions. If you feel the need to nibble on something sweet, eat fruit. So, there we have it. How simple is it really? We’re going to eat, so eat three meals a day. Eat food that we like. Snack on delicious juice, ripe fruit. I’m asking you right now, how difficult is this really? You can do this; I know you can because I did it myself in exactly the same simple way that I’ve just explained.


Key Takeaways:

1. You don't need to starve yourself to lose weight, instead fill yourself up with good food;

2. Skipping meals can lead to making bad food choices. It's better to eat three good meals a day; and

3. The key to getting fitter and healthier is focusing on what we eat, not just how much we eat.

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