Gregg's Blog: The Simple Truth About Weight Loss

Breaking it down into very simple terms, weight loss is incredibly simple! 


In simple terms, if you eat rubbish, ultra-processed, full of fat, full of sugar food, if you don't plan, if you're constantly grabbing suitable foodstuffs, if you're constantly unaware of what your dinners are going to be, if you're grabbing at ready meals from the local store or relying on takeaways, you are going to put on weight. No question about it at all. 


However, if you are organised and you are eating healthy, prepared meals, you are going to lose weight. And you are going to be healthier, there is no doubt about it. Nobody is made to be bigger or made to be smaller. Nobody has a quicker or slower metabolism that will make much of a difference. It's not about willpower, it's not about portion control, it's not about calorie counting, it's not about carbs and it most certainly is absolutely nothing to do with exercise. Your weight and your health will go up and down depending on what it is that you eat, nothing more, nothing less!


The problem is when you google weight loss, up comes all sorts of extraordinary ideas and claims. Lose weight in just one month, the four-week guide to being slim. None of these things are sustainable. Stop thinking about weight loss as something that's really uncomfortable that you do for a short space of time. 


You do have to get organised, you do have to get out in front of this problem. GreggWallace.Health has all the information and the tools that you need for a healthy, sustainable, slimmer you. 


With good nutrition will come vitality and energy. You are in the right place, just follow the plan.


Key Takeaways

1. Weight loss is simple and depends on your eating habits.

2. Being organised and eating healthy, prepared meals leads to weight loss and better health.

3. GreggWallace.Health provides the necessary tools and information for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

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