Adele's Weight Loss Journey - The Power of Planning and Perseverance

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Adele's Weight Loss Journey - The Power of Planning and Perseverance

Adele's Weight Loss Journey - The Power of Planning and Perseverance

Adele is a GreggWallace.Health member

She's one of many members to lose a massive amount of weight. In 2 years, Adele has lost 10 stone!! Her story is quite remarkable. That’s 5 stone a year for 2 years, roughly half a stone a month. That’s the way to do it, gradually, healthily, and of course, she’s still losing weight and will sustain that weight loss. Unlike crazy diets, she’s not suffering, and she won’t put the weight back on. It’s worth exploring why she wanted to take action and then more importantly, I think it’s having a good look at how she’s done it. I’m hoping you find inspiration in her story. She’s often in the Facebook group if you want to chat with her.

Adele was 23.5 stone, she’s now 13.5 stone. She wanted to have a baby; she was told she had to lose weight if she wanted to have a child. There was the spark of inspiration and I met her, and she found GreggWallace.Health right at this point in her life. Everybody needs a spark to want to change, the thought of a baby was Adele’s kick start. I asked her how difficult or easy it was to lose the weight.

She said the start was the most difficult bit. Getting rid of all the old habits that have made her so big and swapping the old habits for new healthy habits. Once she had mastered this, she said the rest was really easy. Just like I’d been saying, just as GreggWallace.Health had said it would be. She got organised, she planned her meals, she cooked her meals, and the weight came off steadily, virtually every week, month on month, she got smaller and smaller and healthier and healthier.

It didn’t always go to plan. There were weeks when she didn’t lose weight, there were some weeks when she put on weight. But she always got back on plan and the 10 stone loss tells the story. She explained to me the only times it went wrong for her, the only weeks she didn’t lose weight was when she failed to plan. When her organisation stopped. She told me that the planning of the meals was vital for success. Whenever something happened and she didn’t plan, she ate rubbish food, she found she was hungry, and snacking and she put on weight. However, she always managed to get herself organised again and the results are clear to see.

There you go, that is it, in a nutshell. The importance of planning. What do they say in the Army, ‘if you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail.’ Don’t take my word for it, ask Adele.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Adele's weight loss journey was successful due to gradual, healthy changes and consistent planning;
  2. The initial phase of changing old habits was the most challenging part for Adele;
  3. Adele's story highlights the importance of planning in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.