Cartoon illustration of a kitchen with two adults: one cooking joyfully and another holding pizza boxes, depicting a contrast between home cooking and fast food.

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Breaking Free from Unhealthy Routines - A Journey Towards Healthier Living

Breaking Free from Unhealthy Routines - A Journey Towards Healthier Living

A pretty typical story...

I have lengthy conversations with lots of people and I’ve recently started regular catch-ups with a lovely couple I met recently. Let me tell you their story and see if this reminds you of anybody you know, or if in fact, as I think, this story is pretty typical.

Two hard-working people with demanding jobs and children. One of them likes to cook, one of them hates cooking. They are in a routine where there isn’t a great deal of meal planning going on. Breakfast is regularly skipped, food is snatched from somewhere around mid-morning, lunch isn’t planned, nothing is taken to work, meals regularly are a sandwich, bag of crisps and fizzy drink meal deal from a shop. Dinners are planned because of the children, but because only one partner cooks, the other feels guilty, so regularly buys unhealthy takeaways as a treat, so the other doesn’t have to cook. The kitchen is seen as nothing more than a room of burden. It’s a chore. Evenings are when the chocolate snacks come out because they’ve worked hard, and they deserve them. I’m not giving their names, that’s not fair, they’re not happy with how they look, they are both much bigger than they want to be and of course, everything is to do, as it always is, with how they eat.

Does this sound typical to you? They believe their situation is unique. Everybody believes their situation is unique. I have many conversations with families in exactly the same situation. This scenario is often repeated. Of course, they can change, I can help them. You can clearly see how they’ve got in a rut, but they will change, it will be gradual, they will lose weight, they will get healthier. Like us, this couple have had to learn this routine that’s made them bigger than they want to be. They just, as GreggWallace.Health has always said, you have to slowly learn a new healthier routine. But we’ll get there.

None of us should fear change, we should welcome it.

Key Takeaways:

1. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of meal planning can lead to weight gain and dissatisfaction with appearance;

2. Every situation, while believed to be unique, often mirrors many others; and

3. Change is possible, gradual, and should be welcomed for a healthier lifestyle.