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The Power of Healthy Eating Habits - A Path to Sustainable Weight Loss

The Power of Healthy Eating Habits - A Path to Sustainable Weight Loss

This gets easier…

I’ve been studying weight loss keenly now for over three years. I’ve had in-depth conversations with hundreds of people. I’ve come to a number of simple conclusions, the most striking one is the difference between overweight and slim people. It's habits! The difference between overweight and slim people are the eating habits that they have learnt over a long period of time. It’s not metabolism and it’s certainly not exercise. It’s how, when and what they eat.

If you lived with me in my house with my family for a year I guarantee you would be really slim and well at the end of 12 months, probably a lot sooner. Why? Because you would eat well. You wouldn’t be snacking, you wouldn’t be having takeaways. You wouldn’t be hungry, you wouldn’t feel deprived in fact you’ll be eating really good meals.

No matter what your metabolism you would be full of good food and you would’ve lost a lot of weight. Slim people you see in the gym are not slim because they exercise. They are slim because they eat well. Look around the gym. There are also overweight people in there. They are overweight because they don’t eat well. Let’s accept that to lose weight, we have to change our eating habits.

Now change can be difficult. I accept that. This is why diets are so hard, it’s an immediate drastic change that doesn’t allow any flexibility. You can be motivated and have discipline at the beginning, but that is hard to keep up the more you stay on the diet. Healthy eating is far easier and therefore longer lasting. Healthy eating is about making healthy choices. Unlike a diet, this gets easier to do the more you do it. The more you make the good choices, the more these choices become your habits, these become your lifestyle.

Believe me, it gets easier and easier the more you do it. Until in the end you’ve lost a lot of weight and you’re not even thinking about good choices or not. You’ve done them now for so long it’s completely natural.

Key Takeaways:

1. The difference between overweight and slim people is their eating habits, not metabolism or exercise;

2. Living in a healthy eating environment can lead to weight loss and improved well-being; and

3. Healthy eating, unlike dieting, becomes easier over time and leads to sustainable weight loss.