Gregg's Blog: What Does Your Body Want?

Understanding Its True Needs

What Does Your Body Want?

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and wellness! I'm excited to share insights from my upcoming podcast, "GreggWallace: A Piece of Cake." The title isn't just a play on words; it reflects my commitment to showing you how easy and enjoyable healthy living can be.


The Insightful Interview with Marissa Pierre

In one of the episodes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marissa Pierre, a remarkable figure who has assisted numerous celebrities in the United States to reach their goals and resolve personal issues. Our conversation, naturally veering towards weight loss, brought to light a fascinating approach that Marissa uses with her clients.


A Question of Choice: Body vs. Brain

Marissa proposes a thought-provoking question: What does your body really want? Imagine if, for your next meal or drink, you let your body decide instead of your brain. It's common for our brains to fall prey to unhealthy habits, craving things like chocolate biscuits or pizza. But if we listen closely, what would our bodies choose? A ripe, juicy mango over chocolate biscuits, or grilled fish with potatoes instead of pizza? Perhaps your body would prefer a refreshing glass of water over a glass of wine.


The Concept of Body Autonomy

This concept is more than just a dietary choice; it's about recognising our bodies as separate entities that deserve care and attention. If we were to view our bodies as something we are responsible for nurturing, how would our food choices change?


Your Thoughts Matter

I found this view enlightening and personally love it. It encourages us to forge a deeper connection with our physical selves, understanding our true needs. But what about you? What do you think about this approach? Does it change how you view your eating habits?

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Author: Gregg Wallace