Colin's Story

Colin Walker Before and After
Colin Walker
5ft 10in
On 8/7/20 I was 16 stone 6lbs
Today I weigh 13st 2lbs !!
How long did this take?
3 months!!

I needed to do something. I was too heavy! I started the Couch to 5k last year and finished it but my weight wasn't going down. I recognised that I needed to change my eating habits and that's when I saw GreggWallace.Health.

It’s just so simple, cost-effective and everything is there for you on a website. No expensive equipment needed for anything. I work out in hotel rooms, plan the lunches and the support from the Facebook group and live Instagram sessions etc is just so encouraging and rewarding. There is one big happy family feel about it.

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Thank you for the inspiration. What a transformation.

You are right everything is at hand. it costs more if you eat biscuits and rubbish foods.


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