I’ve been in conversation with a nutritional therapist called Nicola. Talented passionate lady with a ton of experience treating people with weight and health issues.

I want to share with you what she said to me about chocolate bars, I found it enlightening.

I stated the chocolate bars were, of course, very enjoyable. She countered with this. She told me that it is scientifically proven that the enjoyment in a chocolate bar is an absolute maximum of two minutes!

Let’s just let that sink in: two minutes! She went on to say that tiny period of pleasure is regularly followed by hours and days of regret.

Chocolate bars are not harmless treats. They are incredibly damaging to your weight and your health and they are completely and utterly unnecessary.

Nicola recommends, rather than indulging in a two-minute pleasure that will make you sad for much longer, you instead do something that really is a treat.

Rather than reach for the chocolate bar, can you treat yourself to 20 minutes of a podcast, or a book, or a walk, or a nap? You get the idea. Doing something for you that is a real treat that lasts far longer than two minutes that you won’t regret.

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Author: Gregg Wallace